What is a Toe Reading?

Toe Readers are trained to interpret the language of your toes, which reflect your life’s journey to this point in your life. Toe Reading is based on the theory that your body records the story of your life, with the imprint of your body laid across the foot. The toes represent the head; and therefore, the perceptions of the person receiving the reading.  A Toe Reader is someone who honors the stories coded in the toes and is spiritually and emotionally available to unlock the story line stored in the cells of the body. In Toe Reading, everything is something. Each formation or feature on your feet and toes is a clue to understanding your path.  What is seen on the toes is the accumulation of a life experience and is revealed by the size, shape and lines found on the toes. Every freckle, the shape of every toenail, the placement of toe rings and the choice in nail polish color or design all add to the picture. If you previously broke your toe, what kind of break was it? Which toe did you break? How did it change after it healed? Everything is significant. Toe Readings is an informative and entertaining way to impact your well-being and healing.