Toe Reading Services

feet_0000_Layer-0-copy-7Toe Reading sessions consist of holding sacred space for you, where I observe the stories held in your toes. 
After explaining the significance of the right and left foot, as well as the elemental aspects of each toe, I will look at your feet  perceiving how the color, shape, marks, and other symbols that have shaped your toes have also shaped your life. I will formulate questions to help you clarify how these events or habits have impacted your life and your spirit, helping you to decide what actions you would like to make on your journey. 

My goal is to educate you on the aspects of Toe Reading, while using healing energy and coaching techniques for life changing results. 

Please make your selection below or contact me if you have questions before booking.

Private In-Person Toe Readings

Private Toe Reading is available in the Northern Arizona area and may be paid for online using a credit card if you are booking on-line or cash or credit card in person, once the appointment has been confirmed. An Oracle Card may be added, without charge.  Essential oils and chakra balancing may be added for an additional fee of $5 per oil/toe/chakra combination.  Travel charges may apply.   Please inquire about discounts for armed service personnel and seniors over 65.

Session Length

Plan a Toe Reading Party

Gather five to ten friends together and let's have a Toe Reading Party!  I will start off with an overview of the basics of Toe Reading.  I'll show you some obvious things to look for and the meaning of each toe.  Then I will proceed to give each of the attendees an individual mini Toe Reading. Individual mini readings can be done in a group session or private at a designated area at the party while the other guests mingle and enjoy themselves.  Makes for a great Girls Night Out! Bridal Shower! Baby Shower! Graduation Day! Or new idea for Game Night! Such gatherings are $40 per person and are paid by guests upon arrival to the party or prepaid by the hostess, if a lump sum is negotiated.  For more information please contact me.  Let's get the party started!

Private Online Toe Readings

Email me a picture of your toes along with your name, email address and phone number.  I will prepare my observations and send you an approximately four page written reading of what I see, with questions to coach you on your path. In order to get the best reading, take the picture no higher than knee height, maybe sit down and bend over.  Your lower legs should be bare and please make sure there are no shadows cast on your feet. Definitely capture the tips of your toes and how your toes relate to each other.  Mostly, have both feet flat on the floor, several inches apart, and click away!   A minimum of one pictures for my review is needed, though three would be great! Maybe even let me see what lies underneath. Many mysteries lie under there! There are two Online Toe Reading choices available: