"Toe - tal-ly- TERRIFIC Toe Reader Sandi!"


"Great reading-she touched on feelings I know were there and needed to surface."


"I have heard you are great and you are great! Thank you!!"


"Sandy, what a beautiful and loving way to bring self-awareness! I felt received and seen in deep love and gratitude. Thank you!!"


"Sandy, the moment you touched my feet I felt a soft, beautiful, soothing energy. Everything you shared and intuited is so true and fitting, honest and honoring, supportive and straight forward. I really enjoyed your reading and will take your reading to heart. Thank you!"


"Dear Sandy, Thank you so much for the reading. Beautiful, gentle energy. It was definitely right on. Love & Light to you!"


"This was insight as well as confirmation. Thank you!"


"Sandy read my toes at the Illuminate Film Festival. Her touch on my feet were soothing and magical. I love the way she explained what each toe meant. She was right on with her reading and message. I do honor my toes and smile now because I love my toes and Sandy, too! Thank you!!"


"The toe reading was extremely insightful-and accurate regarding the past & present issues - personality and characteristics! Pearls related to my rings and how related to throat chakra and especially how the "pinkie" toe can forecast about future in magical situations!"


"Sandy, you were on the spot with everything you said!"


"Sandy was and is a huge gift to me today - So informative and so healing. Insights that will bless my life and guide me to manifesting my gifts. Most important - I am more able to be completely ME 0 I am very grateful."


"OH MY GOODNESS!! You are amazing at toe reading.  I am blown away. YES!! Caps were needed to express my 'exuberance' for you being guided!"