Is Toe Reading All a Game?

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When I tell people that I’m a “Toe Reader” it’s almost like an old camp game:

This is a button A what? A button Oh! A button… Except in that game, most of the people didn’t look at me questioningly or take a step backward when I repeated what I just said.  MOST of the people. I have to admit, I do enjoy seeing the amazement in the eyes of some, disbelief in others, and, most of all, curiosity in the rest.  When explaining Toe Reading to someone face-to-face I usually pick up a few personality clues that show up in the toes.  Does this person talk a lot? If I mention that a strong communicator is likely to have a second toe longer than the first …wait for it... and bammo, I have scored a believer as the truth that my description of the toes and the personality both fit, as evidenced by a response of something like, “Hey, that’s me!”  Or the strong, firmly grounded business professional to whom I casually mention a large Big Toe means that type of personality makes a presence in a room will turn a “show me guy” into a “tell me more” maniac. I freely admit that these “aha” moments are fun for me, though the true reward is in helping others find their own “aha” moments for personality traits that might have been causing a few missteps on the way to success.