What do your feet say about you?

What do your feet say about you?

How do the Feet appear, in general?

Wide feet – You’ve got solid worker feet. You’re always on the go and can’t sit still for a minute.

Long narrow feet (Princess Feet) – You like nothing better than to be pampered.

Arches – High arches are found on people who are very independent and self-sufficient.

Low arches or flat feet mean that you are ever the practical realist.

Your Right Foot represents how you step out into the world; how you relate to the world, work and relationships. Keep in mind that relationships are not only intimate relationships, but also the relationships you have with your friends and family, co-workers, clubs and organizations, etc.

The Right Foot also represents your male energy, the present, Yang and your “outer” world. Your Left Foot represents how you relate to yourself and Spirit, however you define Spirit (God, Universe, the Divine, Source, etc.). Even if you are an atheist, your definition of Spirit is that there isn’t any! The Left Foot also represents your female energy, the past, Yin and your “inner” world.