Toe Reading

with Sandy Corder

Do your feet represent the way you have walked your path in life?

Do your toes act as time capsules, storing bits of information as behavior patterns, life events, and personality traits you've held onto along that path?

what is toe reading?

Through my observations and a fun, yet revealing dialogue on what stories each toe might tell, we can provide an intuitive awareness regarding your toes’ journey. As a Certified Toe Reader, I have come to learn how thoughts formed during an emotionally charged time often show up in the toe as a physical reflection of the path we have been walking.This information can be used to aide in understanding your subconscious reactions and, thereby, produce conscious development on a new path.

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"I felt safe to open up to reveal my deepest pain and Sandy was so compassionate and professional to help me toward release. I never imagined the experience to be as good as it was. Thank you Sandy!"

- Ruth

"It is true that I am at a loss a lot of times of what I am going to say to people...Thanks you so much for the readings..all of them are true that something happened in my childhood that I let it shadow me now and my true feeling.

- Jane D.

I was thoroughly impressed and Sandy with Toe-Tal Possibilities (cute name huh!) really hit the nail on the head with her impressions of my sweet little piggies! So I give this 5 stars and can't wait til the next go round!"

- Tonya